Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recipe Cards, etc.

Do you have to have a few more items in your list before you use "etc"?  Well, I have never claimed to be an English guru, so I don't really care!

Okay, the reason for the post: (again with the crappy lighting!)


For Christmas I got the PTI Recipe Box Stamp Set, recipe cards and their egg boxes,  which the cards fit into.  I just LOVE PTI's take on recipe cards!  First, they are vertical which means that the ingredients can all be in one long list without wasting space.  Second, all of the blue/green images are stamps, so you put them where YOU want them.  For instance, I have always hated how the cooking time is at the I end of a recipe because I like to know how much time I need.  So I just stamped it at the beginning.  Some recipes only need three ingredients?  Well then you can just stamp "instructions" three lines down.  Does that make sense?  Yes, I can see how my non-crafty friends would never consider taking this much time on recipe cards.  But I love to do it and I bake/cook enough that I love being able to format my recipes to my specifications.

These next note cards are not my favorite, but figured that I should document them anyway:


While I like the concept for these cards, not crazy for the finished product. The colors didn't meld and I had envisioned.  But they served their purpose at least!

The last thing I want to share is actually just a peek.  You'll have to go to my Felicity Avenue blog to see the details.  Can you guess what it is?


What do you think it is?  Post a guess in the comments section before heading over HERE to check it out.  After seeing the sneak peeks from PTI gal Nichole Heady's blog, I think I'll have even more fun with this project the next time.

Off to get more checked off of my list.  Be back later with a Color Inspiration Challenge post.


Mom said...

My guess: a book organizer to hold cards

Dad said...

a journal book or something to store.....