Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Already??

  Man this week flew by! 

I got my box from PTI this week and was just overwhelmed with crafty ideas!  Below are just sneaks of two new items I added to my Etsy Shop.  Check it out!

baby-love-notes-4 curly-vine-set

Since I haven't posted in awhile here are a few pics from last weekend.

These are my fabulous Red Velvet cupcakes that I made for my family's visit over Valentine's Day.  They are just crazy red.  Love it.  Yes, I did add frosting, but you can't see the color when it's covered up with frosting, so I posted this pic.  (oh, and maybe I forgot to take a pic of the frosting too!)  They taste not bad, the frosting is yummy, but I'd make them again just to see that red!  Got this recipe from Pinch My Salt


Below is a pic that some of you in older generations will get a laugh out of.  This is my sister and I last Saturday "bonding."  Okay, so I don't really claim that, but she did let me say hi to her friend she was chatting with on the web cam and watch the YouTube videos with her.  It's amazing how amusing the sock-puppet version of Indian Jones is!


Oh, and there was another lady on the chair with us.  She doesn't need much space!


Maybe I'll have something interesting to share later this weekend, maybe not.  Life has become fairly boring and routine, but that's okay.  We've been out of town almost half of the weekends between June and January.  So it's nice to just be home. 

Have a great weekend!


Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

That's funny you're bonding with computers on your laps...cute! At least you're sitting really close together.