Tuesday, May 5, 2009

::Sigh:: :)

I've been fairly absent from my blog lately.  And will probably be absent for a while.  But do you know what??  God is doing great things right now that are keeping me busy.

Did I tell you?  We're moving to Iowa!!  Never did I dream that I would say those words with true happiness, but that is how I feel.  Maybe joyful would be  a better description.

Below is about the only picture that I have from the last time we lived in Iowa, three years ago.  We moved there two days after our wedding for Adam's summer internship.  After a long, boring summer, I vowed never to return to that awful state.


Confused yet?  Since we have moved away, I have become much closer with Adam's extended family in Iowa.  I've also learned that we lived in a really old, boring town.  This time we'll be in a better town, and much closer to family. Including 6 little cuties like this:


Adam will be working for another co-op, doing pretty much the same thing as he is now, but with a better company who is more interested in his future.

Me?  Well, funny story.  So by accident found a job on our new church's website...applied...called to see if job was even still available...yes and they were already planning to set up an interview..."I'll be there on Sunday, does that work for you?"...interview on Sunday goes great...telling Adam about how it went...tap,tap,tap..."Do you have a minute to talk to the director?" says one of the interviewers...talk for few minutes..."Do you want the job?"  "YES!"  "Okay."...He adds as I walk about the door, "I knew as soon as we got your application."

God.  Thank you.  You are mysterious and wonderful.  Your plan is far more than I could ever hope to dream up myself.

And the last, and most exciting, bit of news?  Well, I'll leave you with a picture, of ...


We have been waiting on God's directions for, really, years for this point in our lives.  We keep waiting for directions.  Sometimes we have felt burdened by those directions.  But always, they are the best.  The right directions.  Without those burdens and detours, we could never have found our way to the blessings that God has given us in these last few weeks.  We pray that we will begin a season of steadiness, but also know that we have no idea what is in store for us next!!


Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

I am so happy for you. A job already, great family in your new area...so very happy for you!!

sarita said...

Congrats on the move and the jobs...God is moving in mighty ways!


We are glad you came!

Ellen Trunnell