Thursday, September 25, 2008

Care Packages

Well, I sent these out a couple weeks ago, but then I was waiting for them to arrive and then I was feeling sick-ish.  So here they are...

My little sister started college this year, WOW!  So I decided to send her a "Welcome to School" package.  Snail mail becomes much more exciting when you move into a little shoebox  called a "dorm room."  Thought that since I am baking, might as well bake more and send out a few more packages.  One girl has been friends with Kristi since kindergarten, and her family has been friends with ours since then too.  She's been my redheaded buddy.  The two aren't real close anymore, but time to let go of old grudges, right?  Then I sent one to a guy friend of her's from sixth grade.  I met him when I helped with Kristi's reading class that year, then through church activities.  This kid is WAY motivated.  Not only is he a college freshman, but he's the director of an indoor park/activities venue and runs his own DJ company.  I don't think the term "slacker" applies here.  The last is another guy that Kristi has known since jr high.  He was in band with her, though I can't for the life of me remember what he played!  Drums??  I think that's right.  Anywho, I got to know him because he worked at the same child care center that Kristi and I did.  Nice kid.  He actually sent me a HANDWRITTEN thank you note for the care package.  He's going to school for something very complicated and brainy. 

Now for the package.

You may remember these chocolate chip and chocolate chip/caramel cookies and s'mores bars that I made for youth group.  Well, when I bake, I BAKE.  So the kids got these too.  Thank goodness because the brown sugar oatmeal cookies I had started with were WAY smaller than I was expecting and really not that good!                                          IMG_0813


  Then I made these milk cartons that I found from the 3D Design Challenge blog. (I have gotten a few good ideas from this new challenge site.)  Milk and Cookies, get it???  Yeah, so I didn't plan that, but don't tell anyone. ;)  IMG_0807


Inside, I added Hershey's Nuggets that I wrapped with these awesome labels.  I used those inkjet address label and the Holiday Treats clear stamp set from Papertrey Ink, they are made to just fit these labels and chocolates.  I LOVE these labels and want to get another set.                     IMG_0810

Here is what it looked like in the Tupperware (before the GOOD cookies and bars):                                                                                                   IMG_0806

Then the cards, which unfortunately turned out a little to "Christmas-y."  I was going for the green-red-apple-school thing, but with no apple well, you can see:IMG_0811

These little glass beads I found at a local scrapbook store and have yet to find enough uses for them, but they're cute!IMG_0812

Well, I was on a crafty roll with these packages, so why not design my own shipping labels?! lol  I used a free digital kit from Shabby Princess and a digital template from Glitz that I won (!!) from Noel Culbertson via her blog.                        IMG_0804

The lady at the post office told me  that in order to send cookies, I need to bring some in so that the staff can make sure they are "safe."  Lol, I love post offices.  Well, not Woodbury, they are cranky.IMG_0803

So those are my care packages.  It was a feat but I loved it.  There was something very satisfying about looking at this stack of finished boxes.  Anyone need me to make some care packages?  Oh, just wait until my next post, I'm going to show you my new crafty love.....!!!!!