Monday, December 29, 2008

One of my new toys :)

I finally got it!


My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!!  In blue no less. :)  While I think that way too much was spent on me, I won't be giving it back!  We got back home late last night, so this afternoon was the inaugural use.

A bit of explanation is needed before you see the pictures and think that I am crazy.  For New Year's Eve I'm going to get together with my college girlfriends at one's new house.  Themes were voted on and it was a tie.  So we ended up with a "Pink Fiesta."  We will be having Mexican food and anything else that is pink.  And the other girls have begun a contest to see how much pink they can wear.

Now remember that I have red hair.  Pink is not a very complimentary color.  I do wear it anyways, on occasion, but I do not have very much.  And I don't have the extra cash to go buy new clothes.  But what else can I make pink????


This would be my cream cheese pound cake with some rose food coloring gel.  These are HOT pink!  So pink, in fact, that my husband wasn't sure that he'd still be male if he ate any! 

So girls, I'll be "Bringing the Pink" my way!  


WD said...

I like it Patti!!! It sure looks hot pink to me. Turned out pretty well I would say.